Be well – with your health insurance’s wellness plan

42143344_MYou do your best to keep yourself healthy – and keep your health insurance costs as low as possible. Well, it turns out that your insurance company may want exactly the same thing! That’s why many of them offer “wellness programs,” which are often collections of incentives to help you feeling your best.

Health and fitness

Many insurances offer wellness plan benefits through the workplace, although individual plans can offer them directly to enrollees as well. These benefits often take the form of discounts on premiums and gym memberships. They may even include cash rewards.

Who benefits from wellness programs?

Both the enrollee and the insurance company can benefit from wellness programs. Typically, the company pays out less in coverage because the enrollee needs fewer services. The enrollee benefits because their health is so good, fewer services are necessary. Wellness programs can be especially helpful to those looking for diabetes management, smoking cessation support, weight-loss programs and preventative screenings.

Does your health insurance offer a wellness plan?

If you’re not sure whether or not your health insurance benefits include a wellness plan, talk to your insurance company. If you’re trying to decide between different insurance plans, contact a broker who can tell you about the possible wellness plans offered by each.

What questions will a health insurance broker ask you?

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There’s no reason to be intimidated when speaking to a health insurance broker for the first time. Although you may be confused about plans, options and even insurance terms, your broker is not. They’re there to help you understand all that and more. In the process, here are some of the things they’ll need to know from you.

Is this the first time you’re buying health insurance?

This can help the broker get a feeling for just how much of the terms and policies they may have to explain, and in what detail.

Are you presently on a health insurance plan?

If you already have health insurance and want to change plans, the broker will want to make sure the dates of the switch coincide perfectly, so that there is no loss of coverage.

Do you see doctors or specialists often?

This will give your broker a sense of how much coverage you need, and what type of plan offers that coverage at the best value

What your broker will ask you varies

Of course, the specific questions your broker will ask you varies with your particular situation. Call one today and set up a time to have a conversation about your unique health care plan, needs and preferences.