Technology News: Hackers Can Access Your Car Remotely

Interesting article on how hackers have now figured out a way to infiltrate your car’s computer remotely using Bluetooth or even just a simple CD.

As if worrying about your car getting dinged in the parking lot and avoid pot holes wasn’t enough, researchers at the Universities of San Diego, California, and Washington were able to infiltrate the car’s main frame in a variety of ways.

In one case, the researchers simply called the car’s cellular connection and uploaded malicious software via an audio file. In another, they connected to the car’s blue tooth system to hack in.

The researchers were even able to take a CD where they had added code to an existing song to create the song into a Trojan Horse virus. Once the song was played, the virus was released allowing them access to the car’s main computer.

Once access is gained to the main frame computer in the car, hackers could remotely track the vehicle, disable the locks, disable the brakes, and more.