Picking a plan with a health insurance broker


It’s time to choose a health care plan. You’ve done the smart thing, and contacted a health insurance broker. But how do you work with them to get the plan that’s best for you?

Comparison shop

One way to narrow down the list of possible plans is to ask yourself, “Is seeing the same doctors I see now important to me?” If the answer is “yes,” you’ll want to look at provider networks that list them – especially the ones that have them “in network.” This will lower your potential health care costs for the year.

Know your rights

If you’re considering buying a plan on the government exchange, ask your broker if you’re eligible for any cost-saving measures. This may include subsidies, which require a subsidy application. Your broker should be able to help you complete this application.

Don’t break down in “tiers”

Does the plan or plans you’re thinking of buying use drug formularies? If so, they may be broken down into tiers. Medications under different tiers may have different costs. Review these tiers and costs with your health insurance broker for any medications you take regularly, or are likely to need in the future.

What are the biggest questions YOU have for a health insurance broker when it comes to choosing a plan?