How humidifiers help you, all winter long

Humidifier spreading steam into the living roomLike it or not, winter is fast approaching. Once you start the furnace, it not only starts heating your home, but drying out the air. That’s where humidifiers come in. Here are all the benefits the humble humidifier can provide all winter long:

Faster healing times. Whether you’re suffering from the flu, a cold or even just allergies, a humidifier can help you feel better faster by keeping your throat and nasal passages moist.

Softer skin. Dry indoor air can cause your skin and lips to crack and flake in winter. By sleeping with a humidifier in your bedroom, you’ll wake up with more moisturized skin.

Less snoring. By increasing the amount of atmospheric water vapor in your home, a humidifier can prevent your throat from drying out, leading to less snoring and improved sleeping conditions.

Diminished static electricity. In the winter, it’s hard to avoid the shocks caused by static electricity. A humidifier can reduce static electricity.

While humidifiers can be a great wintertime help, it’s important to keep yours clean. Here are some tips for keeping your humidifier clean.