What makes a good health insurance broker?

management team discussing papers

Choosing a health insurance broker is almost as important as choosing the right health care plan itself. So what are some of the signs that a broker knows their stuff? Read on to find out.

Their services are free

You heard right: an honest health insurance broker comes completely free of charge. They get paid in commissions, so if one asks for money in exchange for finding you a plan, run away from them fast!

They can break down complicated topics

A knowledgeable health insurance broker not only has a solid grasp of each plan they present, but they know how to talk about it. They can explain complex policies and terms that you may not be familiar with at first glance.

They understand your needs

Everyone is looking for the value-driven plan possible. But a good broker won’t just push you towards a plan because it’s cheap. They’ve had an in-depth conversation about your and/or your family’s needs, and that’s the basis they use when helping to pick a plan.

They make comparing plans easy

Looking at different plans means having to digest a lot of information at once. The best brokers can create tables or charts which will allow you to easily see the differences between plans.

What are YOU looking for in a health insurance broker?