Two ways to avoid piling on the pounds over the holidays

50053261_SIf you’re trying to eat healthier and watch your weight, the holidays can be a challenging time. There are high-calorie and high-fat foods and drinks everywhere! Here are two ways to avoid piling on the pounds this holiday season:

Watch your portion sizes: It’s easy for portion sizes to get out of whack during the holidays. Watch your portion sizes during each meal and avoid grazing on holiday treats all day long. You may want to consider keeping a food diary of what and how much you’re eating throughout the day. Have healthier snacks on hand for when the holiday treats start appearing at the office.

Watch what you drink. Many holiday drinks have a lot of fat and calories. Try doing a web search for healthier versions of your holiday drink favorites. If you love eggnog, for example, try this Low-Fat Eggnog Recipe from The Food Network Channel. While you’re at Starbucks, ask about lower-fat alternatives to a Pumpkin Spice Latte. Try different varieties of sparkling water to stay hydrated without drinking high-calorie drinks.