Tips to manage stress

48039961 - young stressed woman sitting in living room at homeMost of us know when our stress levels are rising. Maybe you can feel your body tense or your heart race. Maybe you experience stress only for a moment — or maybe for days and weeks. There are healthy ways to manage those stressful periods in life.

Check your attitude about the source of the stress. Sometimes you can control the situation. Sometimes you have to control your emotions and perception of the situation.

It is OK to step away from stressors when you can. That means you can walk away from events, people, or even situations where you know your stress will go out of control. Be willing to politely decline invitations.

While you may be inclined to stay away from everyone for extended periods of time, that isn’t healthy. Turn to your trusted friends, family, or professional resources at times like this. They can encourage and listen to you. Maintain a healthy diet, exercise and get enough sleep.

Last of all, come up with a mantra during stressful times. Most of us have heard of Dory and her “Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming” from the “Finding Nemo” and “Finding Dory” movies. Your mantra can be serious or silly, but it is a great way to refocus during stressful times to be the healthiest you.