The power of positive thinking

13721747_SYou may have heard that positive people live longer. They also tend to experience higher levels of happiness and less stress. But if you tend to see the glass as half empty instead of half full, can you still reap the benefits of positive thinking?

Research suggests the answer is a resounding yes. Here are three simple yet effective ways to start reaping the benefits of positive thinking:

Meditation — Research shows that those who meditate daily display more positive emotions that those who don’t. And we’re not talking about saying ‘om’ for an hour. Even just a few minutes of meditation a day can help you dramatically boost your mood and facilitate positive thinking. The best part? Meditation is a simple thing to do — click here to get started — and doesn’t require any special equipment or a gym membership!

Writing — Keeping a journal is a great way to reflect on pleasant memories and work through not-so-pleasant experiences, all of which can elevate your mood.

Play — All work and no play is boring — not to mention hazardous to your health. When was the last time you intentionally carved out time to have fun? It could be playing with your dog or watching your favorite show with a partner. There is even research that shows people who make time for themselves are much more positive and productive in their jobs!