The health benefits of smiling

42308746 - portrait of smiling african american womanDid you know that smiling has some significant health benefits? Numerous studies have shown that smiling helps release endorphins, which can make us feel happier and reduce stress levels.

Smiling’s effect on our mood and health is similar to exercise and good sleep. It simply makes you feel better. In one study, even making ‘faking’ a smile can reduce stress levels. Another study shows that smiling can help reduce pain.

Here are some other things about smiling that you may not know:

Smiling is contagious. Studies have shown that people tend to emulate the facial expressions of those around them. A boss who smiles, for example, may have employees who smile more.

It makes you more approachable. Scientists have discovered that people who smile are more approachable to their family and co-workers. Another great reason to turn that frown upside down!

Men smile less. Most studies on the subject have found that men smile less than women, although there is little agreement as to why.