Summer: Just what the doctor ordered

51585757_SSummer can be a fun time of the year. But did you know it also can be great for your health? Here’s why the warmer months can be just what the doctor ordered:

You get some time off. Summer is one of the most popular times of the year for vacations. Vacations — especially unplugged ones — can help you recharge. Did you know that many Americans don’t take all of their available vacation time? Even a ‘staycation’ can help you fight stress and burnout.

You can enjoy seasonal produce. There’s an abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables during the summer. and grocery stores often put them on sale. Healthy and affordable foods!

It’s easier to get outside and be active. The summer months are a popular time to get outside. You can go walking, biking, hiking, and swimming. It’s a great time to start a daily walk or other exercise habit.

It’s a great time to bond with your family. Time off from school and vacations can help you spend time and reconnect with your children and spouse.