How to spend more time as a family — without the electronics

27592886_MFamily time is not what it used to be. You know the scene… dinner is over, homework is done and the family is gathered in the living room … lost in their own electronics. No one’s mad at each other or avoiding conversation; they are just keeping themselves busy the best way they know — by crushing candy, browsing social media and taking amazing selfies. If you are looking for some great ways to disengage the electronics and engage the family, then keep reading!

Break out the board games. Dust off that Monopoly game and clear off the coffee table! Sit around and play a game that doesn’t involve a screen and that dishes out some healthy competition. Short on time? There are plenty of games that can be played in less than a half hour.

Go outside! There are so many things you can do: go for a walk, shoot some hoops, plant a garden or just sit and take in a beautiful sunset.

Play a family video game. Electronics are not bad. It’s just that we all tune each other out when we’re on our own devices. However, nothing will bring a family together like a competitive game of Mario Kart! Pick a game that can have multiple players and battle it out! Let the more experienced players help the little ones (or older ones!), so no one feels left out.

Go for a drive. Pile into the car sans electronics and go for a drive. Go to an overlook to see the town or down a country road with the windows down. Go get an ice cream cone after dinner. Refrain from watching TV on this voyage.

For a moment, dial it back to how it used to be. When you’re done, everyone can return to electronic life and catch up on Facebook, get some homework help or upload that cute photo of the kids riding quietly in the backseat. Technology can be great – but so can some old-fashioned family time.