Clean up that car! Clutter can be a big safety issue


If you’re like most parents, each of your children probably has a number of toys and books stashed in your vehicle. Plenty of your stuff is probably in there, too. With harried Moms and Dads racing through busy days, the family vehicle often becomes the “storage room” of last resort.

Some people are comfortable with a certain level of clutter. But when it comes to the family vehicle, clutter can become a huge safety issue. The more stuff you have in your car, the more potential flying projectiles you could have in the event of a sudden stop or car accident. Even things you think are perfectly safe, like a sippy cup, have the potential to become a projectile missile that can ruin a perfectly good day. Each year, tens of thousands of injuries, including head injuries, are attributed to objects in cars.

That’s why it’s a good idea to do a clean sweep of your vehicle once a week. If you have a passenger car, store extra items in your trunk. If you’re hauling the family pet along with you, make sure they are properly restrained with a seat belt. Animals can become flying projectiles, too! Keep heavy items stored and secured in a cargo net. And don’t forget unoccupied booster seats. If a child isn’t riding in a booster seat, put it in the trunk.