All that glitters is not gold

2706246 - gold coins falling 3d render on black background

On the national healthcare exchange, Gold plans usually cost more, but are they worth it? See what Gold – and the other metal categories – have to offer.


If your biggest concern is low monthly premiums, the Bronze category is your best bet. They’re perfect for protecting yourself in the event of a major illness or injury. However, their deductibles (the amount you pay before your insurance begins to pay) can be thousands of dollars a year. This means you’ll most likely pay the full cost of routine care on your own.


If you can afford a monthly premium above what Bronze has to offer, consider a Silver plan. They offer all the benefits of Bronze, and their deductibles are typically lower as well. This means you’ll pay less for routine care than you would under Bronze.


Gold plans have the highest premiums; however, they also have the lowest costs when you actually need care. Like Silver, their deductibles are low, and could be a good choice if you plan to use a lot of medical care within a given year.

If you’re having trouble choosing a metal category, talk to a health insurance broker today for sound advice.